Zendesk Voicemail Integration

Sifting through a box full of support voicemails can be daunting. It can be especially time-consuming if you need to listen to the whole voicemail, jot down what it’s about, create a new ticket, and forward to a support team. Luckily, you can automate voice to text support tickets with an OnSIP and Zendesk integration.

One of our customers, Liveair Networks, described this integration: "...when a client leaves us a request via phone that our technicians and client service agents are able to handle the call quickly and efficiently. We no longer have to wait for human intervention to check voicemail and route the request,” said James W. Breeden, CEO of LiveAir. You can read more of this customer's experience here.

OnSIP Zendesk and Phonetag Integration

For OnSIP and Zendesk customers, this is quick and easy to set up. All you will need is a Phonetag Voicemail-To-Text account. You can find out how to get one here.

How It Works

Here is how the process works:

  • Voicemail is received by OnSIP. OnSIP emails the .WAV file to Phonetag for transcription.
  • Phonetag transcribes the voicemail and sends the text and .WAV file to the Zendesk drop-box.
  • Zendesk creates a new trouble ticket with the voicemail transcription and attached .WAV file. Voila!

How To Set Up

Once you have a Phonetag account, setting up this automated process will take under five minutes. Just watch this video and follow the instructions: