Referral Program

Spread the OnSIP savings and get up to $500 in credit on our Basic Plan or a free month of service for up to 25 users on our Unlimited Plan, when you refer a new business customer with 5 or more employees.

OnSIP Referral Program

How it works

  1. Use the form on this page to suggest OnSIP to a business with 5 or more employees. Your referral will get an email from us that lets them know of your recommendation.
  2. When your referral pays their first invoice*, you will get $500 in PSTN credit. (For accounts on the Unlimited plan, we offer one free month of service for up to twenty five users.)
* Rules and Conditions
  • For a referrer to receive up to $500 in credit, the referral must be a business in the U.S. with 5+ employees and have paid one monthly invoice for at least $49.95 in services. PSTN usage services do not apply.
  • A referrer must be on a paid plan in order to receive the credit. Offer is not valid for referrers who are on our Free Plan.
  • Offer is not valid for OnSIP agents. All credit given is at the discretion of Junction Networks.
  • No limit to number of entries allowed; however, Junction Networks reserves the right to stop any one company’s participation in the program.