Zendesk Integration

Empower your sales and customer service agents to work more efficiently with OnSIP’s Zendesk Integration! When an agent answers a call, a new ticket is instantly created right within the agent’s Zendesk interface. The ticket automatically is:

  • Given a unique Zendesk ticket ID number
  • Assigned to the Zendesk agent who answered the phone call
  • Time stamped with the exact date and time of the call
  • Pre-populated with the phone number that the caller called, as well as the phone number of the caller himself (the caller’s callback number)

With these key call details promptly logged in the Zendesk ticket, the agent can quickly address the caller's questions or troubleshooting requests. And after completing a few post-call tasks in the ticket, your agent can close it out and be ready to take the next call in the queue.

Check out our video demo to see the integration in action: