The OnSIP Customer Success Team

When considering a new phone system, the support that you will receive is of top importance. OnSIP is easy to setup and maintain, and we offer many channels for you to get help when you need it.

The OnSIP Customer Success Team - Support

OnSIP maintains off-hours support coverage during non-business hours and holidays. Off hours support is contacted either through our online ticketing portal at or by leaving a voicemail. An on-call support engineer will triage the ticket or voicemail. If the ticket is due to an OnSIP system service interruption, the support staff will notify the on-call engineer and engage the customer directly. If the issue is configuration or a feature related question, it will be handled at the beginning of the next business day.

Live webinars with Q&A, held every week

If you’d like a full review of our admin portal or have a quick question, we welcome you to our live webinar (every Thursday at 12PM Eastern). This webinar is a comprehensive walkthrough of OnSIP features and setup, ending with an open questions forum. You may even “meet” some other OnSIP customers there. Click here to join and dial 1-888-864-0686 at the start of the session.

Comprehensive Knowledgebase

OnSIP offers a “living document,” packed with reference information such as, suggested routers, phone configuration guides, and video tutorials. You can access our detailed Knowledgebase here.

Transparency is key for trust

We broadcast OnSIP information on many different channels.

Certified partner network

If you’re looking for even more hands-on support and/or further IT solution consultations, OnSIP has a network of certified resellers across the country. Simply contact us to let us know you’re interested in working with a reseller, and we’ll recommend one in your area.