Use our Free RFP Template: "Request for Proposal: VoIP Service"

This Request for Proposal template will guide you through the process of querying VoIP companies for phone service. The VoIP companies you contact will send you a comprehensive overview of what their service can offer you, how the transition to the new service will be managed, and a precise estimate of costs. 

Sample RFP Template Download

While many VoIP providers may seem similar in some ways, their pricing structures may be a point of differentiation. For example, while many providers would charge you a flat rate for every phone you plug in or every employee that uses a phone, a bill from OnSIP would be based on your usage and optional features.

An RFP, such as the one available through the form on the right, can give context to service providers, which they can use to give you an honest picture of what to expect. The last thing you want from your phone company is surprises.