How efficiently does your organization handle calls from prospects and customers?

OnSIP’s Enhanced Queue Dashboard displays the status of agents and callers in your organization's call queues. Also capable of running key performance reporting, this interface helps your business improve operational efficiency and deliver excellent customer service.

OnSIP VoIP - Enhanced Queue Dashboard

With the Enhanced Queue Dashboard, you will gain the confidence to make informed decisions on staffing and training your sales and support teams.

Queue Status

  • Provides up-to-the-minute information on your company’s ACD queues
  • Clickable views of all Enhanced Queues on your account
  • Real-time status of queue agents and calls that are in the queue(s)

Queue Report

  • Provides access to reports that compile longer-term trends
  • Reports on your queue(s) and queue agents for customer-selected time periods
  • Ability to download as CSV files, for further manipulation of the data

Queue Supervision

  • Monitor - Queue supervisors can listen in (in real-time) on any agent that is on a call. Neither the agent nor the caller will know the supervisor is listening.
  • Whisper - While listening in on a call, queue supervisors can speak to the agent without the caller hearing.
  • Barge - Queue supervisors, while listening in on a call, can barge into the call and directly speak with the agent and the caller.

Queue Alerts

  • Provide queue supervisors with instant email alerts when issues require their attention
  • Can be triggered by too few agents or too many callers in the queue, as well as excessive wait times
  • Customized depending on time and day of the week