Business VoIP Comparison Guide

Download our comparison guide of the top 11 business VoIP providers: OnSIP, Vonage, 8x8, Jive, RingCentral, Fonality, Nextiva, ShortelSky, Ooma, MegaPath, and Dialpad.
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Compare Business VoIP Features

First thing is first: Does the provider have the phone system features you need? Basic features include: auto attendants, voicemail-to-email, dial-by-name directory, extension dialing, etc. But what about the extras that help your business run more efficiently? This guide provides a quick look at the basics and the extras across providers.

Compare Business VoIP Flexibility 

VoIP providers vary in flexibility of equipment, setup, and contracts. As you're shopping, be sure to ask your provider:

  • What are my phone options?
  • Do I need any additional equipment, beyond the phones? 
  • Can I easily add a user, phone, extension or phone number by myself? Do changes happen in real-time?
  • Can a single user have a phone at home and in the office? Does this cost additional money?
  • Am I locked into a contract? How long, and how do I get out?

Compare Business VoIP Pricing

Consider both unlimited calling plans and metered because we find that most businesses do not need an unlimited calling plan and tend to overpay each month. This is especially true if you have phones with medium to low external calling usage, such as conference room phones and phones belonging to employees who don't make many external calls. You will find a provider price points in our VoIP comparison guide.