Turn your device into your desk phone with any SIP app


Work on the go with a SIP mobile app on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Simply download the app that you like best (we highly recommend Counterpath Bria applications for enterprise quality), and set up with your OnSIP user credentials.

When you run the app, your device will act just as your desk phone:

  • Simultaneously rings when your business number or extension is dialed
  • Extension dial your coworkers and On Net Conference Suites for free
  • Caller ID will look like you’re in the office
  • HD-voice over strong WiFi connection
  • Put calls on hold, transfer calls, and 3-way dial just as you do in the office
  • Video calling (with select applications)
  • Video conferencing (with select applications)
  • SIP and XMPP chat / presence (with select applications)

Recommended mobile apps

Device Application OnSIP rating Price Links
iPhone Bria 4/5 stars $7.99 Purchase/Setup
iPhone Media5 Fone 3/5 stars Free Purchase/Setup
iPhone Groundwire 4/5 stars $9.99 Purchase/Setup
Android Bria 3/5 stars $7.99 Purchase/Setup
Android CSIPsimple 4/5 stars Free Purchase/Setup
Windows Phone OctroTalk Unrated $2.49 Purchase/Setup
Blackberry Taki Unrated $1.99 Purchase/Setup
Blackberry sip.fm Unrated Free Purchase/Setup

Recommended tablet apps

Device Application OnSIP rating Price Links
iPad Bria 5/5 stars $12.99 Purchase/Setup
Android Tablet Bria Unrated $12.99 Purchase/Setup

Recommended desktop apps

OS Application OnSIP rating Price Links
Windows / Mac OS X OnSIP n/a Free Download
Windows / Mac OS X / Ubuntu Bria 4/5 stars $49.95 Purchase/Setup
Windows / Mac OS X / Ubuntu Jitsi 4/5 stars Free Purchase/Setup