Turn your device into your desk phone with any SIP app


Work on the go with a SIP mobile app on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. OnSIP offers our customers a free desktop and mobile app for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Simply download the app and log in with your OnSIP user credentials. If you're looking for a third-party softphone, we highly recommend Counterpath Bria applications for enterprise quality.

When you run the app, your device will act just like your desk phone:

  • Simultaneously rings when your business number or extension is dialed
  • Extension dial your coworkers and On Net Conference Suites for free
  • Caller ID will look like you’re in the office
  • HD-voice over strong WiFi connection
  • Put calls on hold, transfer calls, and 3-way dial just as you do in the office
  • Video calling (with select applications)
  • Video conferencing (with select applications)
  • SIP and XMPP chat / presence (with select applications)

Recommended mobile apps

Device Application OnSIP rating Price Links
iPhone OnSIP n/a Free Purchase/Setup
iPhone Bria 4/5 stars $7.99 Purchase/Setup
iPhone Media5 Fone 3/5 stars Free Purchase/Setup
iPhone Groundwire 4/5 stars $9.99 Purchase/Setup
Android OnSIP n/a Free Purchase/Setup
Android Bria 3/5 stars $7.99 Purchase/Setup
Android CSIPsimple 4/5 stars Free Purchase/Setup

Recommended tablet apps

Device Application OnSIP rating Price Links
iPad Bria 5/5 stars $12.99 Purchase/Setup
Android Tablet Bria Unrated $12.99 Purchase/Setup

Recommended desktop apps

OS Application OnSIP rating Price Links
Windows / Mac OS X OnSIP n/a Free Download
Windows / Mac OS X / Ubuntu Bria 4/5 stars $49.95 Purchase/Setup
Windows / Mac OS X / Ubuntu Jitsi 4/5 stars Free Purchase/Setup