Learn the Business VoIP Phone Services Basics and Features

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What do Business VoIP Phone Services Do for You?

Business VoIP typically refers to a VoIP-based phone system, or a phone system that delivers calls to employees over their office IP data network. Until about the 1980s, traditional phone calls were made via the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) over copper wiring and switches. With the invention of VoIP, phone calls could be made over the same IP data networks that your computer (and now smartphone and tablets) leverages for web browsing, email, etc. 

Business VoIP phone services have been advancing for over a decade and typically do not require much in the way of hardware. With so many options on the market, executives and IT managers need to research before choosing the right phone solution for their business. Ensure the provider you choose has the features and reliability your organization needs to run smoothly.

Business VoIP Phone Services Top Features

business VoIP provider in today's world combines enterprise phone system features and productivity-boosting integrations with popular business applications. Below are just some examples. To learn more, download our VoIP Basics Guide (on this page). 

Phone system features Integrations & extras
Voicemail Click to call
Auto attendants Mobile integration
Ring groups Highrise CRM integration
Dial-by-name directory Unified communications application
Announcements Video conferencing
Music on hold Developer APIs
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What Phones Do I need for Business VoIP?

Business VoIP phone services work with IP phones (that connect via ethernet rather than traditional phone cabling). There are hundreds of IP phones on the market, and OnSIP reviews VoIP phones so our customers can make informed decisions. 

The top tip we give in the realm of VoIP phones is to select phones that work with any business VoIP phone service. If a VoIP provider tells you that their service requires a certain kind of phone (and it can't be used with another provider), beware! That is a common lock-down tactic.

Business VoIP Phone Services - OnSIP Sets the Standard in Flexibility and Reliability

Business VoIP pricing plans built for the way your business communicates

OnSIP offers unprecedented pricing flexibility. To start off, we offer a Free Plan for voice, video, and messaging with coworkers and contacts on the web. (You can visit our pricing and sign up for free here.)

Next up, our Pay as You Go Plan is ideal for low call volume businesses looking for a simple phone solution for their offices. Under pay as you go, adding users and extensions is absolutely free. Customers pay only for the minutes they use and the features they choose to add to their phone systems.

The Per Seat Metered Plan is for businesses with 5 or more employees that want the full feature set for each employee. For just $8.95 per seat per month, each seat gets all the features ( voicemail boxes, auto attendants, ring groups, call parking, etc ) that make up an enterprise grade phone system and much more ( unified communications dashboard, video calling, mobile integrations, unlimited virtual extensions, etc).

Our Per Seat Unlimited Plan is ideal for organizations that have heavy phone usage. Each seat gets unlimited standard calling. Plus, like the metered plan, each seat gets all key phone system features.

A reliable, seamlessly scalable cloud VoIP platform

OnSIP was built using a completely different paradigm than competing business VoIP phone services. With some competitors, what customers are really buying is space on a single PBX deployed in a datacenter somewhere. This means sub-optimal call routing, scaling issues, and downtimes if anything should ever happen at that particular location.

With OnSIP business VoIP, every single service offered is tied to a geographically distributed cloud of SIP proxies all built using open source projects. Customers get industry-leading reliability, geographic scaling, and increased flexibility. See our platform page for more information.

Handset for business VoIP phone services

Free on-network and SIP calls

Calls within your OnSIP business VoIP network are never charged, even if your employees are thousands of miles away from each other. Calls to other OnSIP customers and calls to external SIP addresses are also free.

The only instant phone system

The easy-to-use OnSIP Admin Portal allows every administrative user to have complete control. Any changes or additions to customers' cloud-based phone system can be accomplished with just a few mouse clicks. Best of all, the changes made in the browser get instantaneously pushed so there's never any waiting.

If you should ever run into a problem that you cannot solve on your own, we have an extremely knowledgeable U.S.-based customer support team at your service. Our extensive online knowledgebase is also jam-packed with information covering device setup, troubleshooting, and business VoIP best practices.