VoIP Reseller Kit By OnSIP

As an OnSIP reseller, you have access to the Agent Admin Portal and our Knowledgebase on the web. But, sometimes, you'll want to download guides and share collateral with your clients. Here's the kit for you— jam packed with resources to help you exceed your goals.

VoIP Reseller Kit

Inside the VoIP Reseller Kit, you will find: 

  • Business VoIP Buyer Report - A report you can share with your clients to indicate that hosted VoIP is increasingly becoming the preferred phone system solution for SMBs.
  • Agent Admin Portal Guide - A guide that you can use to navigate the Agent Admin Portal, wherein you can login with a single username and password, manage your clients' accounts, and see your commissions reports.
  • The Keys to Selling OnSIP - A brochure outlining 10 "sell points" that should capture the attention of clients based on the details of their business.
  • OnSIP At a Glance - A PDF that you can share with your clients that gives a bird's eye view of our service, uptime, and customers. 
  • OnSIP Platform Overview -  a PDF that you can share with your clients. This document outlines the key differences under the hood that make OnSIP a reliable, scalable solution. 
  • OnSIP InstaCall Guide - A guide to setting up one of OnSIP's most distinguishing features. InstaCall empowers companies to implement rich video calling, right on their website.
  • InstaPhone for Salesforce Data Sheet - This is a guide for you on how to upsell the InstaPhone for Salesforce application, available on the Salesforce AppExchange.
  • OnSIP Extended Dialing Form - If your clients need to make International calls, they must submit this form to OnSIP to authorize International dialing on their account.