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Available in the Slack App Directory

You can find OnSIP in the Slack App Directory. Use /onsip commands to generate click-to-call links, get help, and check our network status.

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"Adding in the additional integration of Slack to the OnSIP app has increased its usefulness in our environment. In a world of digital advertising, our screen real estate is highly valued."

Stephen Shunk of Level Agency, an OnSIP customer

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Generate custom call links

With OnSIP’s Slack app, you can generate a call link to share in a channel, email signature, or on social media. OnSIP call links are a great way for colleagues and customers to reach you via voice or video, for free. Plus, the call is encrypted for ultimate security.

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Check OnSIP’s status

With OnSIP’s Slack app, you can quickly check our network status at any time with a slash command /status. It’s a great shortcut for network and phone admins.

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OnSIP Slash Commands
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Slack right in the OnSIP app

Are you ever on a conference call and need to shoot someone a quick message? No need to leave your call view— Slack your colleague (or channel) right in the OnSIP app. The Contacts sidebar displays your team’s phone and Slack presence. If they’re available for chat, you’ll see a chat icon next to their name. If the icon is green, they’re available for a call.

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